Take Your iPhone Underwater!

Take Your iPhone Underwater!

Sep 23
Take Your iPhone Underwater!

We’re all addicted to our phones these days, so what better way to keep connected than to have your phone with you underwater?

For those folks who love taking photos with their phone and want to be able to upload to social media right away or share with friends and family, taking your phone underwater might be the perfect solution.

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Check out the new iPhone 6 & 6+ housing from iTorch. This housing allows you to take your iPhone under the sea to use as a camera while diving, snorkeling, playing in the waves, or even in the pool… anywhere it might get wet! Through the use of the custom iPix app you have the ability to take photos and video.

I took this new housing down on a dive the other day to test it out and really enjoyed it. Paired with the extremely tiny iTorch V10 light I was able to get great portrait shots of different fish and critters while diving. The only drawback I found is that currently the app does not allow you to review photos, meaning you can’t check what you just shot. Luckily you can easily take multiple photos quickly, so shooting a couple extras “just in case” is easy to do. (Hopefully this will be fixed with a future update)

The V10 light has a very wide beam angle and an even bright beam making it a perfect addition to the iPhone underwater. When you’re within 2-3ft of your subject it brings back all the vibrant colors beautifully. If shooting something further away, I recommend adding on the red filter to help counter the loss of the red spectrum at depth.

In addition there are both a wide angle lens and a close up lens that you can screw into the housing to get more creative. The wide angle lens gives you more field of view and the close up lens allows the camera to focus closer than it normally would.


Comparison of with and without the wide angle lens. The photo on the right is much wider, allowing you to see more of the bow of the shipwreck and even the diver in the distance.

Overall I was really happy with the use of the housing. The app was extremely easy and the iPhone takes great quality pictures for a very simple auto only camera. I also did a short clip of video, and with the V10 light was very happy with the results.





Example of the shot straight out of the phone, and then the same shot after being edited in Lightroom.