August Monthly Contest Winners

August Monthly Contest Winners

Sep 19
August Monthly Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Monthly Photo Contest on Facebook! The winners are available to view on facebook through this gallery, check them out!

The theme is “Reefscapes”

#1 – Kevin Panizza with “Two Friends”

#2 – Andy Deitsch with “Red Sea Reefscape”

#3 – Ryan Kissick with “Soft Corals in Fiji”

Honorable Mention – Deanne Beck with “Coral at Pescador”

Honorable Mention – Duncan Christie with “Kaleidoscope”

Honorable Mention for Creativity – Bill Grayson “Orbiting the planet D.labrynthformis”

The photo contest is now live for September and October. The theme for the next contest is “Creepy Critters” We’re looking for some fun Halloween style shots of creepy and interesting underwater creatures. This can be anything, even something that might not be creepy normally but the conditions, or lighting make it unusually creepy!