Travel Tip: Create Your Packing List Early

Travel Tip: Create Your Packing List Early

Dec 19
Travel Tip: Create Your Packing List Early

You made your deposit a year ago and are all paid up for your big dive trip next week. One surefire way to put a damper on your trip is to forget to pack a vital item such as a camera battery, charging cable or memory card. The best way to remember everything you’ll need to so to create a packing list as early as possible and update it a couple times before you leave.  We wanted to share our standard packing list as a good place to start when creating your own list.


Camera Gear & Electronics

• Camera Body

• Lenses

• Strobe Units

• Clamps and arms for strobes

• Batteries for Flash

• Batteries for Camera

• Memory Cards

• Spare sync cables

• Portable Hard Drive(s)

• Laptop

• Charging Cable for Laptop

• Cable for Hard drive

• Cable for camera (to transfer images to laptop/hard drive)

• Lens Cleaning Kit

• Moisture absorption packets

• Renter’s Insurance (in case of theft)


Scuba Gear

• Dive Computer (with fresh batteries)

• Regulator


• Wet/Dry Suit (gloves, hood, booties, etc)

• Fins

• Mask & Snorkel

• Tank(s) if needed

• Certification Card

• Log Book

• Diver’s Insurance (in case of emergency)


Travel Gear

• Backpack / Suitcase

• Appropriate clothes for location (keeping in mind weather, cultural issues, etc)

• Towel

• Toiletries

• Medicine

• Passport and travel documents (visas, etc)

• Emergency Contacts and copies of important documents


Suggested Items

• Sea Sickness Medicine

• Ear Plugs

• Ear drops

• Small first aid kit

• Guide Book / Language guide

• MP3 Player & Earphones

• Recreational reading book(s)


Try and create this list at least a week prior to your trip. That will give you time to make any modifications as well as give you time to pack.