First look at the Kraken Sports Float Arms

First look at the Kraken Sports Float Arms

Jun 01
First look at the Kraken Sports Float Arms

Kraken Sports Float Arms – Nick Lawrence

As a underwater photographer, we all struggle with buoyancy on our camera rigs. Lets be honest, we either have it too negative or too positive. It is rare that we get our camera at a complete neutral buoyancy while diving. Well, on my recent dive trip, I finally got the perfect neutral buoyancy. I was using four of the new Kraken carbon fiber float arms. Two 88mm x 180mm Kraken Sports Adjustable Lift Float Arms, and two 53mm x 200mm Kraken Sports Float Arms.

Let’s start with the first two arms of the set up, the 88mm x 180mm adjustable float arms. These arms look chunky but they serve a great purpose. On the back of the arm is a silver button where you can let water into the arm to achieve the amount of buoyancy you desire. This is great because if you’re shooting macro or wide angle with different ports, you can fine tune them to the type of shooting you are doing.

The other two arms are 53mm x 200mm float arms. These are your standard float arms with a set lift. These are thinner than the adjustable ones, so I prefer these as my outer arms so I can maneuver my strobes better. These arms are a little more positive but that does not matter when you use the adjustable arms to fine tune your rig. I do not have any issues with these arms.

When jumping into the water, your rig is positively buoyant. But when you drop down, it takes about 2-3 minutes to get your rig neutrally buoyant. After the dive, all you do is purge the adjustable arm and unscrew the cap to let the water out and you are ready to dive again. These arms are really built to last. I would definitely recommend these arms for anyone who is looking to make their camera rig completely neutral.


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