First Look: I-Torch V10 Focus Light

First Look: I-Torch V10 Focus Light

Aug 18
First Look: I-Torch V10 Focus Light

The I-Torch V10 light is now available at Bluewater Photo. I’ve been waiting for this light since a preview at the Long Beach Scuba Show, looking for a small and lightweight focus light featuring white and red light plus battery power indicator. The V10 is all this, in a tough aluminum body.

Three white light modes and a red light mode allow you flexibility in focusing on different subjects or even using the light for night diving. The light’s memory allows it to turn back on to the mode being used when you turned it off. The position of the mount on the handle allows the head of the light to reach pretty far forward over your port, meaning you’ll light your subject even with the closest focusing distance.

The V10 has held up to a few tough Mendocino macro dives, and we’ll be writing a full review on the Underwater Photography Guide soon. So far, this is my new favorite focus light!

Brent Durand



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