Salmon Shark on our Shark Trip!!!

Salmon Shark on our Shark Trip!!!

May 18
Salmon Shark on our Shark Trip!!!



Bluewater Photo Guests photographed a rare Salmon shark today on our 3rd Bluewater Photo Blue Shark trip, on the “shark boat”. Initially it was thought to be a juvenile great white shark. 2 Salmon sharks showed up! Stay tuned for more details and more photos!


Salmon sharks are usually seen in Alaska or Russia, in poor visibility. California is the extreme end of their southern range. They are sight feeders, with great eyesight. Fast swimming, agile, usually 6-7 ft long. They feed on salmon, herring, and other active fish, and are in the mackeral shark family – closely related to the white shark. ┬áThis sighting is amazing!!!!!! Hopefully all 10 guests got a great shot. Thanks to Captain Chris Wade for posting this from his iPhone. Underwater Photo of the Salmon Shark by Brooke Olson.

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Update: 2 Salmon sharks showed up, a Blue Shark, and a Mola Mola. The next day, 2 Salmon Sharks and 2 Blue sharks showed up!

Salmon Shark, courtesy of Brooke Olson, taken near Catalina Island, Southern California


Quoting Bluewater Photo employee Mark Strickland “Amazing doesn’t even cover it. I’ve gone 3 times to Alaska to photograph a Salmon Shark, with very limited success, in less than 10ft of vis, 49 degree water. I’m so envious I can’t stand it!!!! It is safe to say that only a couple underwater photographers in the world have passing shots of a Salmon Shark. Hopefully I’ll see one when I’m on the boat on May 26th. Big congrats to the lucky people on board!”


Salmon Shark

Amazing Salmon Shark! Underwater photo by Brooke Olsen


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