Macro clinic: Skeleton Shrimp

Macro clinic: Skeleton Shrimp

Nov 07
Macro clinic: Skeleton Shrimp


Skeleton Shrimp are something many divers would pass over without a second thought. But once you learn see them, you’ll be mesmerized by their spooky beauty. I spent some time on a recent dive in Tulamben, Bali shooting these skeleton shrimp portraits with the help of talented photographer and Villa Markisa dive guide, Dharma.


Photo Gear:

Canon 5D Mk III Camera

Canon 100mm Macro Lens

Aquatica A5D Mk3 Housing

SubSee +10 Diopter

2x Sea & Sea YS-D1 Strobes

Settings:  F32, 1/200, ISO 200

*disclaimer: I bought all these products because they work for my style of photography. 


Photo Tips:

1.  Focus on the eyes.  As with all wildlife photography, portraits or even sports, eye contact is essential to establish a connection between viewer and subject.

2.  Know your gear.  If you’re shooting tiny subjects in the sand there’s no time to fumble around finding the right aperture. The shrimp might only be in the perfect photo position for a second before twisting away, so it pays to be quick.

3.  Review your images.  This goes hand in hand with trying to shoot the least amount of frames possible.  Yes, I know we’re shooting digital with big memory cards, but there will be no improvement from shot 1 to shot 2 if you don’t stop and review the image. A second shot should only be fired if you know exactly what you’d like to change to make the photo better.  For example, locking focus on the eyes.

Most of all, have a safe, fun time in the water!

– Brent Durand




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