3 Tips for Wreck Photography

3 Tips for Wreck Photography

Aug 21
3 Tips for Wreck Photography

No matter where you dive in the world, odds are you’ll find a wreck or two. Wrecks can be very challenging for shooting photo and video due to dark water at depth, high contrast between structure and water, creating interesting compositions and capturing an iconic photo that truly depicts the character of that wreck.

Even with these challenges there are a few tricks to help take great wreck photos.


1)   Shoot structure with open water.  This makes it obvious you’re shooting a wreck and not a reef.


A group of divers take a tour of Bali’s Liberty Wreck in early morning light.


2)   Include a dive buddy for scale.  Large wrecks can be awe-inspiring, so let your viewer know!


A diver admires the Liberty Wreck in awe, providing scale.


3)   Shoot photos of creatures that like to hang out on wrecks.  Some of these creatures, like batfish, are sure signs a wreck is nearby.


A batfish is framed by wreck structure.


A grouper cruises in front of the Liberty Wreck


The more you dive wrecks, the easier it will be to find these shots and nail them.

Enjoy –


Brent Durand

Brent is currently documenting the Best of Southeast Asia, touring 14 dive resorts in 8 weeks, creating a video series with an inside look at each resort plus daily underwater photos and videos.

Most of these photos were shot in the last 2 days at the Liberty Wreck in Bali, Indonesia. Special thanks to Scuba Seraya and Villa Markisa.

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