Olympus E-PL5 mini-review for underwater

Olympus E-PL5 mini-review for underwater

Oct 30
Olympus E-PL5 mini-review for underwater

Olympus E-PL5 review (mini-review)

This is a very quick look at the new Olympus E-Pl5. Let’s jump right to the highlights:

  • Same sensor and image processor as the Olympus OM-D E-M5 – wow!
  • Replaced the 12 megapixel Olympus E-PL3
  • 16 megapixels, fast-focusing
  • Great image quality / detail – see the 100% crops below
  • Available Nov 1st for $699 with the 14-42mm lens

We just tried this camera out – it is small, light and focuses fast. We like it. Each Olympus PEN camera has had some nice improvements – the E-PL2 had a better 14-42mm lens, the E-PL3 focused faster, and now the E-PL5 takes image quality to a new level.

We fully expect the Olympus E-PL5 + Olympus housing to be our new “best value” in the mirrorless category, as we are huge fans of the Olympus housing for the E-PM1 and E-Pl3. For people who want an electronic viewfinder and/or more control dials, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 or a Sony NEX will be the way to go. Also, please note that the E-PL5 does not have the great 5-axis image¬†stabilization¬†of the OM-D.

Taken a photo of a mural using the 14-42mm kit lens, at 42mm, F7, 1/320th, ISO 200

olympus e-pl5 review photo 100% crop

olympus e-pl5 photo 100% crop

In this 100% crop of the mural, we see stunning detail, nice job E-PL5!

Olympus e-pl5 macro lens test

Olympus e-pl5 with Dyron +7 macro lens

Using the 14-42mm kit lens with the Dyron +7 macro lens can take a photo 1 3/16th inches across, quite a small photo. Using the Olympus 60mm macro lens will take an even smaller photo.

olympus e-pl5 review sample photo

Olympus E-PL5, 14-42mm lens at 14mm, F11, 1/160th, ISO 200

100% Crop of the Motorcycle

A section of the above bike at 100%