Sony RX100 IV – Will it fit??

Sony RX100 IV – Will it fit??

Jul 15
Sony RX100 IV – Will it fit??

Updated: August 3rd

Sony recently announced the RX100 IV camera a few months ago. With the addition of 4K video recording to an already extremely well designed camera line, the RX100 IV promises to be a popular choice for photographers and videographers alike.

At a glance everything looked to be the same and specifications from Sony were promising. Immediately we were receiving questions of “will it fit in the RX100 III housing??”

Yesterday we received our first RX100 IV camera and immediately put it to the test. All the buttons are located in the exact same position, from first glance everything appeared to be the same size, etc. Was it too good to be true? Will it actually fit?

Sadly, no.

Yes, it was too good to be true, what we discovered upon putting the Sony RX100 IV inside the different RX100 III housing options was that something was slightly different. Buttons were being activated on land without being pressed. Upon closer inspection we found that the right panel, where all the controls live is slightly thicker on the RX100 IV than the III, this pushes all the controls on the camera closer to their counter parts in the RX100 III housing and in many cases results in errors on land. Add in that extra bit of pressure being exerted on the controls underwater and all housings would likely end up with issues.



Here’s the breakdown, please note these were only tested on land, and we believe that the added pressure underwater would cause further issues.

Acquapazza – will not function, every time the bottom left button would remain engaged and no other controls could be activated.

Fantasea – functions fine on land, however you can see through the clear back of the housing that the lower right control is resting exactly on top of the camera button allowing for no margin of error.

**Fantasea has already confirmed they will be producing a new housing, but that the current housing will work to at least 20ft before issues begin. ETA September 2015**



Ikelite – functions fine on land, and offers more space between controls, however Ikelite springs tend to be more “springy” than other housings and at depth will cause interference with camera functions. It is easy to see through the clear Ikelite housing that the controls were much closer to the camera on the RX100 IV

**Ikelite has already confirmed they will be producing a new housing, ETA TBD**



Nauticam – would not function on land, left and display buttons engaged preventing other functions from being changed.

**Nauticam announced on August 3rd that a new housing will be produced, available mid August **

Recsea – functioned on land, though very sensitive which means housing controls are too close to the camera which will result in issues underwater.

**Recsea has not had a chance to test the camera, but believes they will make an updated housing that will be compatible with both the IV and III, no ETA**

Check in with our shop to get more information or find out updated releases for the new RX100 IV,  we’ll have them in stock as soon as they become available!