Canon G15 quick review

Canon G15 quick review

Nov 22

Canon G15 camera

The Canon G15 is the long anticipated replacement for the Canon G12. We got the camera last week, here are the highlights of what we found:

  • Macro capability is excellent, same as the Canon G12 lens
  • Auto-focus does not seem that different; in our low light tests, the auto-focus speed at 28mm was similar; when zoomed in, the G15 sometimes did focus faster than the G12 some of the time, but it wasn’t a huge improvement. The G15 was a little faster in bright light with moving objects.


  • Camera is slightly smaller than the G12
  • 28-140mm lens is the same size as the G12 lens when zoomed-in and zoomed-out
  • Like the G12, no TTL in manual mode
  • The G15 lens is much brighter than the G12 lens; F1.8 at 28mm, and an amazing F2.8 at 140mm. Great for indoors!
  • Tilt-and-swivel LCD of the G12 is gone
  • Megapixels increased from 10 to 12
  • 1080p video, much better LCD than the G12
  • Flash recycle time is good
  • Like the Canon G12 & S100, no TTL in manual mode

Housings from Recsea, Nauticam, and Ikelite are coming soon. We expect Ikelite housings to arrive the first week of December, and Recsea to arrive the last week of December. Nauticam housings will arrive at a date yet TBD.

Both the G12 and G15 can take great macro. When zoomed out, you can pretty much focus as close as you want to a subject. We recommend zooming in and using a macro lens,which will give you an image about 1-inch across, with enough working distance to get the shot. The camera and housing have great chemistry, and it is small enough that you can take this camera to all the places you dive.

canon g15 review photo

Canon g15 review photo, F5, 28mm, 4:3 aspect ratio

Canon g15 review photo, 100% crop

Canon g15 review photo, 100% crop of above photo, detail looks very good


G15 quick review: Conclusion:

The G15 is a nice improvement over the G12, and will appeal to people who want a great G-series compact with a long lens that can do great macro, or a G-series compact with better video. The hot shoe flash is nice – you’ll be able to do fast shooting with an Ikelite housing and electronic sync cords. The internal flash recycle time is fast.

But – the Sony RX-100, with its small size, large sensor, and TTL in manual mode will be giving it some serious competition.