Macro in Mendocino

Macro in Mendocino

Aug 20
Macro in Mendocino

Northern California is known for a wild and rugged coastline, and while the diving may not be for everyone, it lures in hearty divers from all over the state. The cold, nutrient-rich waters are packed with life. The calm, sunny days present some very unique wide-angle opportunities that complement the immense landscape of sea caves, arches 80 foot vertical walls and much more.

But amongst all the incredible wide-angle photo opps, divers have to slow down and take in the dense macro life. I’m not a big macro shooter but had to pause for a few shots to round out the vacation trip portfolio (I was able to wrangle 2 days off of work plus a weekend), as well as try out the new I-Torch V10 focus light. Here are a few shots using the V10¬†and my Canon 5D Mark III / Canon 100mm macro lens / Aquatica A5D MKIII housing.

Brent Durand



Snails discuss their similarities to their abalone cousins.



This crab insisted on speaking with its buddy, hiding in deep in its shell.



There are countless large anemones in Northern California.


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